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Food & Beverage

Utilising our database of all food and beverage outlets in combination with catchment, workforce and menu price data we have developed a system that is unique in the market. While many can inform you of the macro market space, we offer a true understanding of the micro market opportunities available. Contact Us to find our more.

White Space Analysis
  • We can:

    • profile your consumers.

    • forecast target (relevant consumers only) F&B spend for every centre in Great Britain.

    • profile existing restaurant provision.

    • identify complementary and competitor brands.

    • generate a 'White Space' list of towns ranked by net available target spend.

Unique Data Sets:
  • CentrePoint Retail & Leisure Catchments

    • gravity modelled catchment data for every centre in Great Britain

  • Household demographic, lifestyle & spend data.

  • Workforce location, demographics and spend data.

  • StorePoint F&B - the only complete database of all restaurants, pubs, cafes and quick serve outlets in GB.

What makes us different:
  • True micro market analysis.

  • Understanding:

    • target consumers, not all population.

    • spend from

      • residents

      • visitors to retail / leisure destinations

      • workforce

      • tourists

    • Best available datasets including

      • independent and multiple operators

      • menu data by operator.

Case Study:
  • Working for Equistone Partners on their aquisition of Gaucho Holdings, and with their Strategy Consultants, Parthenon, we developed the White Space strategy for Cau. We:

    • identified Cau target consumers

    • modelled their net available spend in over 3,500 centres in GB.

    • ranked and filtered centres based on spend and existing provision of F&B outlets.

  • Further micro market analysis of competition (independent & multiples) and menu pricing vs Cau & Gaucho.

  • We also

    • undertook additional location analysis and site evaluation for Gaucho Grill.

    • analysed planned retail, housing and workplace developments around specific sites to understand their impact upon / benefits to proposed locations.


  • Equistone aquired a majority shareholding in January 2016.

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