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models combining to make 1 comprehensive catchment

five unique comparison goods plus food and beverage gravity models.

Shopping Catchment Spend Profile

Breakdown of spend by product category:

- know the demands of shoppers.

- review tenant mix against demand.

- understand centre potential for possible new openings.

- match localised advertising to shopper spending habits. Shopping Catchment Shopper Profile Demographic and Lifestyle profile of shoppers:

- understand the profile of shoppers and associated linked behavioural data.

- understand non-retail demands of a centre (e.g. high family numbers, requirement for creche on site).

- match localised advertising to shopper demographics. Catchment Leakage Report

By product category, which other centres compete with the subject and are drawing spend from that subject centre’s catchment:

-see what is driving leakage and what can be changed.

Similar Centre Analysis

Locate other similar centres by key demographic / lifestyle / expenditure characteristics.

- see where key demographics can be linked to store performance and identify other centre opportunities.

- locate centres where the demographic matches an advertising client‘s brief for localised marketing.

Spend Analysis

Rank centres based on target consumer profiles and filter by centre type.  

- identify centres that represent the best opportunities for new store openings or that match a client advertising brief.

Retailer Profiles

Aggregate retail catchment profile of all centres a retailer is in:

- provides an overview of retailer‘s customer base.  

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