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Updated: 17/05/2021 - We are recruiting again!

Technical Lead 


A&A is changing how operators and the property invest community evaluate locations.  We design, create, assemble, service, sell and provide the most comprehensive PoI datasets with the most convenient, sophisticated and relevant online portal, StorePointGeo.  We enable our customers the opportunity to appraise locations with confidence and ease. 


Our goal is to enhance, improve and expand our offer.  Our mission is to enable our clients to be best informed in negotiations and to have the upper hand when planning change strategies and specifically in location planning.  We’re constantly investing our energy into improving our offer; focussing on enhancing refresh rates, adding more content - keeping the system at the top of the game. 


The Role 

A&A is looking for an excellent Technical Lead with experience, ideally within the geospatial sector. You will become a driving force in revamping our current techniques and spearheading the development of new content.  You will have the confidence to suggest changes to our methods and the skills to work with the team to achieve clear objectives.


  • Work with existing team to understand and then improve technical procedures for processing, collecting and storing data.  The results will include; increased accuracy, efficiency, automation, coverage and more. 

  • Develop procedures to enable and speed up the way new content is integrated into the portal. 


  • Confident, can-do, pro-active attitude who enjoys rolling their sleeves up. 

  • Can work autonomously and remotely. 

  • Self-motivated and outspoken about what is needed to get a job done. 

  • Must be able to demonstrate excellence in database creation, manipulation, automation - in MySQL.

  • Fluent in English. 

  • Happy to travel to the Oxfordshire region for occasional in-person team sessions. 

  • Ideally experience working with:

    • spatial data within databases, ideally MySQL. 

    • GIS software, ideally QGIS.

    • API creation / programming, ideally Laravel and Python.


The ideal candidate comes with enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity to drive our business forward. You will be able to see what we currently offer, what our clients require and help us bridge those divides.  You have high standards; you question your work, but you believe in your work.  Your life experiences to this point enable you to hit the ground running. 


About A&A 

A&A has, for over 30 years, provided services to property investors, retailers, strategy consultants, councils and government agencies.  Our offer spans bespoke reports with in-depth analysis of local communities through to our online portal which gives the power, to people at the coal face of their industry, to make strategic decisions.   

This balance of consultancy and product is complementary; our portal is, in part, what we’d use to make decisions on the behalf of clients and so has been engineered accordingly, ensuring it has the most relevant functionality and is being driven by the best data (our data) that’s available. 

A&A is a small, dedicated team led by Nick and Ben Aspinall.  Whilst small, we have the largest, most prestigious clients with the likes of KPMG, TfL, KFC using our services.   

Each member of the team is expected to challenge and to be challenged, everyone’s contribution is felt, measured and valued. 


Learn more about us and our services at and and our LinkedIn channels. 

If you think you could contribute to this team, we’d like to hear from you.  You can contact us on

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