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STRADA is our proprietary model for modelling trips by trip type across all road links in Great Britain. Unrivalled in it's detail STRADA provides:


  • crucial media metrics allowing for

    • assesment of locations

    • comparisons with other Out of Home media

    • comparisons with other formats (TV, Radio etc)

  • absolutely ​site specific data - no generalisation by region / road type etc

  • time specific data - all trips are modelled over every minute of the year, this can be aggregated how ever you require

  • audience:

    • ​​​demographic profiles (social class, gender, age etc)

    • lifestyle data (affluence, lifestage etc)

  • proximity by site information

    • ​how many foodstores are within 5 minutes drive of the site?

    • Is there a Boots and / or an Argos within 500m of the site?


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"When Mediaco Outdoor were developing the world’s first digital out of home product traded by audience, it was imperative that the veracity of the base data used to calculate the impressions (for trading purposes) would not be questioned. 


Oxford Retail Consultants were selected by MediaCo Outdoor to be the provider of audience data due to reputation, the exacting model proposed for building the datasets, the unrivalled level of granularity within which the data could be interrogated (hour by hour) and speed of expedition for the project.


The success of the CityLive product has been testament to all of its essential components being delivered but unquestionably it is in no small part due to the integrity of the audience research data provided by ORC. As a consequence of this MediaCo Outdoor has since used ORC to provide audience data across the rest of our digital screen portfolio"

Richard Blackburn , Commercial Director, MediaCo Outdoor

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